Detox: Using CBD Oil For Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal

Why are some doctors using CBD oil to alleviate the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal? This has been happening in detox centers, as people in treatment become free from drinking and go through the difficult symptoms of withdrawal.

A Bevy of Symptoms From Withdrawal

What are some of the symptoms that a person in treatment might experience as they quit drinking, under a supervised detox program? From mild to serious, some of these unpleasant symptoms might include the following:

    Shaky hands

CBD Oil, Not Marijuana

Because marijuana, containing THC, can be somewhat addictive, it is not a great choice to treat symptoms of alcohol abuse withdrawal. On the other hand, CBD oil has been shown to not be addictive and has been cited for its many benefits in the relief of chronic pain, muscle spasms, anxiety, arthritis, cancer treatment issues, depression and more.

Hemp-based CBD won’t make a person high; it has very low concentrations of THC, less than 0.3%.

A study that compared THC and CBD found that THC activates the neurotransmitters responsible for our “fight or flight” response. On the other hand, CBD affects and represses the nervous system response that produces increased heartbeat or breathing; it causes relaxation, rather than “fight or flight.”

Anxiety and Depression From Quitting

One of the uses of CBD oil (Cannabidiol) is the alleviation of depression and anxiety. During withdrawal, these symptoms are eased with the use of optimal doses in a therapeutic setting. Heavy drinking creates a loss of feel-good chemicals in the brain; with CBD oil, the brain is affected to cause a boost in serotonin levels. Studies have shown that it is effective for a range of disorders, including substance abuse and dependence.

Fatigue and Headaches

Cannabidiol may help to boost sleep, thus reducing fatigue. Known for its pain-relieving properties, CBD oil can help with migraines and headaches from withdrawal. The CBD compound has antioxidant properties; if a fever is present, it can also help.

Less Stress and Irritability

Anger and stress may be symptoms of withdrawal: CBD reduces stress and relieves nervousness that may result when the numbing effects of alcohol are gone.


Known as an intense symptom of alcohol withdrawal, delirium tremens, known as the “shakes,” may be a common symptom of withdrawal. With its proven ability to treat seizures in other diseases, CBD oil can reduce these shakes or tremors that are the result of withdrawal.

Research is still being done on how CBD oil can help with alcoholism. Meanwhile, savvy doctors are using it to treat symptoms of withdrawal, without causing addiction to another substance.

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