How CBD Oil Can Help Heal Your Fractured Bones

A fracture refers to a broken bone, while a stress fracture is a minor crack in the bone caused by repetitive force due to overuse. You can get a stress fracture injury by jumping up and down. A stress fracture is common among athletes. The most common areas you are likely to get a stress fracture are in the lower back, foot, shinbone and heel.

The following are intrinsic factors that may make you prone to a stress fracture:

• Age: As you get older, you may develop bone density issues such as osteoporosis. A weak bone is susceptible to a stress fracture.
• Weight: You are at risk of stress fracture if you are overweight or underweight. Both extremes of body mass index (BMI) are at risk.
• Anatomy: Flat foot and other foot problems such as bunion and tendonitis make you prone to a stress fracture.
• Sex: Females are more prone to this problem as compared to men. Females who experience irregular menstrual periods or no periods are at a higher risk of a stress fracture.

Symptoms of a Stress Fracture

You may not readily know that you have a stress fracture. It would help if you carefully note any pain emanating from your bones, especially the leg bones. Signs of a stress fracture include swelling, mild pain at the affected site, skin tenderness to touch at the fracture site, and intermittent pain. Excruciating pain, which becomes worse when you are using one leg to hop, may signal that you have a stress fracture.

It would help if you treat stress fracture and a broken bone at an early stage as the pain severity increases with time. There is also the risk of the fracture becoming displaced.

How CBD Oil Can Help Heal Your Fractured Bones

CBD is the abbreviation for Cannabidiol. It is a naturally occurring single compound in the cannabis plant. CBD oil is extracted from the cannabis plant and then diluted in a carrier oil like coconut oil.

CBD oil is a herbal remedy. It’s 100% plant-based and a safe and non-psychogenic option that you can use to treat pain and inflammation due to bone injury. CBD oil promotes fracture healing.

You should take note that CBD oil will not set and heal your bones properly alone. However, it can complement other remedies and speed up the bone-healing process.

Research studies from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv University found that CBD accelerates bone healing by stimulating an enzyme called lysyl hydroxylase activity. This enzyme activates collagen, which acts as a bone “binder.”

CBD oil has properties that inhibit pain, thus relieving pain and reducing inflammation. CBD boosts the activity of glycine receptors, inhibitory receptors found in the central nervous system. Glycine receptors are crucial in our perception of pain. With their elevated activity-induced CBD, these receptors reduce the pain in the cracked or broken bone, giving you much-needed relief as you heal.

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