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The Aspire Vaporizer Kit is no longer available. We have moved to an all-natural CBD vape oil formula (no VG/PG), which must be vaped in a low voltage vaporizer.

Please check out our 50x stronger CBD Vape Shot Kit.



Love vaping? This hemp vape kit includes our highest quality model for a better vaping experience. With the Aspire, you’ll enjoy larger vape clouds, richer flavor, and very durable components.

  • No leaking
  • Adjustable airflow system (changes the size of your vape clouds)
  • Long lasting
  • All parts are replaceable


The Aspire vaporizer hemp kit is ready-to-use right out of the box, and will last you a long time before you’ll need to pick up a new coil (after a while, vaporizer coils burn out or just don’t vape as effectively but you can replace the coil on some vaporizers, like the Aspire). This is very important for anyone who refills their tank often.


Peek Inside the Aspire Hemp Vape Kit


Here’s what you’ll get when you order this kit…

  • USB charger
  • Stainless drip tip mouthpiece with a rubber ring for great airflow
  • Pyrex glass tank
  • Sub OHM coil that really brings out the flavor
  • Anti-leak base designed specifically for the Aspire, with an adjustable airflow system
  • Aspire CF Sub Ohm battery
  • Alternate Vape (10ml/50mg) in your flavor of choice


How to Use



Use the USB charger (included in your kit) to charge the Aspire CF battery. Simply remove the tank and screw the charger onto the battery. There’s an LED light on the battery that will flash 3 times when you plug it in. The light is red while charging. Once fully charged, the light will turn green and then turn off.


Alternate Vape

Your kit will be accompanied by a 10ml bottle of Alternate Vape with a 50mg proprietary phytocannabinoid blend. The phytocannabinoids come from a high quality, properly sourced and lab tested hemp extract.

Alternate Vape is also available in higher potencies (100mg and 300mg). If you’d like to use one of those instead, choose “vaporizer only” from the dropdown menu above and then separately add the vape oil to your cart. At 300mg, the vape oil doesn’t taste as good because there’s less room for flavoring…but the extra potency may be worth consideration for some people.


Hemp Oil (Aerial Plant Parts), Vegetable Glycerin (USP), Propylene Glycol (USP), Natural and Artificial Flavorings. Made with terpenes.

Additional information

Vape Oil

7 Citrus Blend (10ml/50mg), Apple Pie (10ml/50mg), Black & Blue (10ml-50mg), Island Joy (10ml/50mg), Just Peachy (10ml/50mg), Raspberry (10ml/50mg), Strawberry Dream (10ml/50mg), Vaporizer only (no oil)