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CBD for skincare

Beauty goes beyond skin deep. How we feel on the inside is reflected on the outside. This undeniable connection is much in thanks to the skin’s endocannabinoid system. It’s also why CBD for skin care is growing in popularity. The anti-inflammatory properties of cannabinoids, along with the antioxidants found in full spectrum hemp extract, makes CBD cream a must for any all-natural beauty regimen.

Products in the CBD for skin industry are currently unregulated. In a growing market, a lack of regulation makes picking the best CBD topical a bit difficult. At Made by Hemp, we operate with full transparency, using state-of-the-art technology to formulate the highest-quality CBD for skin products. That’s why Made by Hemp is the best CBD topical for all of your health and beauty needs.

How CBD for Skin Works: The Endocannabinoid System

The skin plays two crucial roles in ensuring optimal wellness. It acts as a barrier to keep foreign compounds, toxins, and bacteria from entering the system. Our skin also holds our internal organs, cells, and muscles inside. Suffice to say; our largest organ has a lot of work to do. Thankfully, the skin has some backup in the form of its own endocannabinoid system.

Cannabinoid receptors patrol the perimeter of our body. These receptors have very sensitive neural tissues on them. When an inflammation burrows under the skin, it causes an adverse reaction from the cannabinoid receptors within the area.

The receptor releases pulses back into the endocannabinoid system. Our mind interprets this signal and manifests the uncomfortable skin problems we experience, such as flaky skin, achy joints, or blotchiness.

Benefits of Made by Hemp CBD Cream

CBD for skin is targeted support because you are addressing the situation at the source. You just simply adhere a hemp patch on the inflamed area, rub CBD cream onto the patch of eczema, or put some CBD face serum right under the bagged eyes.

Some of the best CBD for skin products provide users relief in areas including:

  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Acne
  • Redness
  • Blotchiness
  • Wrinkle Relief
  • Injury Recovery
  • Muscle Soreness
  • Arthritis
  • Joint Pain
  • Moisturizer

Using CBD for skin care gives phytocannabinoids a clear shot at finding the cannabinoid receptor causing discomfort. Cannabinoids in CBD cream stimulate these receptors, creating a sedative-effect on the endocannabinoid system. Thankfully, this changes the receptors’ pulses to the brain, resulting in the person using CBD for skin experiencing relief.

Anti-Inflammatory CBD for Skin Products

What makes CBD for skin so beneficial is that cannabinoids in hemp exhibit anti-inflammatory qualities. When we experience symptoms of arthritis or a sports injury, it’s our natural instinct to rub the area. Now, you can place a hemp patch or rub in CBD cream at the source.

Inflammation does more than cause joint pains. It can also wreak havoc on your skin, making you seek out the best CBD topical for your beauty regimen. Skin inflammation usually burrows under dead cells. While it rages, you will start to experience uncomfortable symptoms such as a rash, itchiness, or pain.

Left untreated, the inflammation can spread, causing the damage and death of more skin cells. Over time, these cells will build up under the skin, clogging up blood flow to the area. As a result, your skin may start to appear unhealthy.

Antioxidant CBD for Skin Products

CBD for skin works two-fold as it’s not only anti-inflammatory but an antioxidant as well. On top of fighting off inflammatory biomarkers, CBD cream helps rejuvenate cells that are damaged by long-term inflammation. Also, the antioxidative nature of CBD helps clear out debris cluttering up the skin barrier. This action leaves room for new skin cells to develop.

At Made by Hemp, our products are full spectrum CBD for skin care. That means the entire hemp plant was used during the extraction process, including the seed. Hemp seeds are rich in omegas and Vitamin E, all essential nutrients in optimal skin health.

Is CBD for Skin Safe?

Like with any new skin care product, you should consult your dermatologist before using CBD cream on your skin. This statement is true, even if you’re choosing the best CBD topical on the market. When you do start using CBD for skin, pick a small, inconspicuous spot.

Rub in a tiny amount of your CBD cream and wait a few hours. See if you have an adverse reaction in that area. If you don’t, the product should be safe for you to use.

As the name implies, all Made by Hemp products are made from hemp. Our product is legal in all 50 states and is Farm Bill complaint. All Made by Hemp products contain 0.3% or less THC. Therefore, you shouldn’t experience any psychoactive side effects when using Made by Hemp CBD cream.

We use all organic and natural ingredients in our line of CBD for skin products. On top of using phytocannabinoid rich hemp extracts in our CBD skin care line, we use the highest-quality essential oils and botanicals. Our active ingredients are listed clearly and proudly, with each batch being tested for purity.

How to Use Best CBD for Skin Products from Made by Hemp

What’s so great about CBD for skin care is that there are so many ways to experience the benefits. The best CBD for skin brands have a wide variety of ways to incorporate hemp-based care into your beauty routine.

CBD Moisturizer

Made by Hemp CBD Moisturizer is formulated with phytocannabinoid rich hemp extract to bring balance to the endocannabinoid system. In addition, it has several essential oils and botanicals to improve the vitality of your skin. Our CBD Moisturizer has apricot kernel oil and mango butter to help lubricate the area. The formula is complete with lemon balm and ginkgo biloba extract to ward off irritation.

CBD Patches

Transdermal patches are a great way to get a potent dose of phytocannabinoids over an extended period. Simply place the patch at the source of the pain. The 40 mg patch will release phytocannabinoids over the next 12 hours for prolonged relief. This serving size makes Made by Hemp CBD patches the most potent CBD for skin product in our line.

CBD Cooling Salve

After getting your heart rate up, your muscles need to cool down. CBD Cooling Salve has 500 mg of CBD in it to promote healing. In addition to CBD, our salve has essential oils such as menthol to create the cooling sensation, plus camphor to increase blood flow to the area. Along with organic arnica for swelling, Made by Hemp CBD Cooling Salve is the best CBD topical for muscle recovery.

CBD Face Serum

Your face is the first thing everyone else sees. Of course, you want to make a good first impression! Our CBD Face Serum is formulated with phytocannabinoid rich hemp extract and 20+ organic botanicals for healthy skin. This who’s who in skin care includes jojoba oil, rose flower, argan oil, and bergamot peel. Just one to two drops of our CBD Face Serum and all skin types can experience benefits such as pigmentation balance, smooth skin, and a lessened appearance of wrinkles Without a doubt, Made by Hemp Face Serum is the best CBD topical for your face!

How Long Does It Take For CBD Topicals to Take Effect?

Although full-spectrum CBD topicals are fast-acting and designed to deliver the fast relief, it largely depends on who is using it. It can be difficult to determine how long it will take for the topical to take effect as it depends on the underlying health condition, your skin type, body size, as well as the amount used.

As such, the effect may be after several minutes to hours, but it could also take days. Minor skin conditions, sore muscles, and general aches will likely see faster relief than chronic pain issues from arthritis, neuropathy, fibromyalgia, and other diseases. It will take some patience to see results, but if your pain does not improve at all, then we recommend speaking with your physician to find other treatments for your discomfort.

What’s the Difference Between a CBD Topical and CBD Cream?

CBD topicals and creams may sound all the same, but there is one distinguishing feature: the ratio of water to base. Also known as CBD lotions, CBD creams contain more moisturizing agents and water, such as shea, aloe, vitamins, and natural scents. CBD salves and balms, on the other hand, mostly utilize wax and fatty oils without water. The creams and lotions absorb quickly into the body, delivering quick results.

How Much Cream Should You Use?

Determining the right amount of CBD cream to use can be a bit confusing to new users. This is because cannabidiol products are still relatively new, and there are no specific guidelines for the amount required for relief.

Applied topically or ingested, getting the right amount takes some experimentation and is highly dependent on many factors, including body mass index (BMI), underlying health conditions, other medications one is using, and one’s medical record. It is recommended that for the first few days of using CBD, try the smallest amount possible, and if it doesn’t work, gradually increase until you experience relief.

Can CBD Lotion Make You Fail a Drug Test?

The simple answer is no. Since the lotion is not ingested, and with the low amounts of THC (<0.3%) its detection is highly unlikely. Given that all of our topicals are hemp-derived, there is little to no chance that these products will make you fail a drug test. CBD isolate, in particular, has zero detection in drug tests since it doesn’t contain any THC.

Made By Hemp Third-Party Lab Testing

With the availability of many forms of CBD products on the market today that go unregulated, it can be hard to trust what’s going into your CBD topicals. However, at Made by Hemp, every ingredient goes through a thorough third-party testing phase before we accept it.

Of course, we have our testing equipment, but as recommended by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), we allow our products to be tested by a third-party laboratory, even after using our state-of-the-art extraction methods on industrial-grade hemp. This way, we ensure unbiased reports and the outputting of topical products and creams for pain that meets the needs of our customers.

Our products live true to what we advertise, and if a product doesn’t pass a specific test, we notify the manufacturer and move on to the next. You can reach out to our customer service for more information on our third-party lab testing practices, or check out the lab test results on our individual product pages.

These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration (FDA). These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.