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CBD for Dogs 1oz (200mg CBD) | Purfurred Pet


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The Purfurred CBD dog tincture provides the benefit of CBD oil in a formula suited to your dog’s diet. This tincture contains 200mg CBD from full-spectrum hemp oil, which includes essential phytocannabinoids and nutrients.

Could your dog benefit from a cool composition? The Purfurred CBD dog tincture creates a sense of calm in your pet while supporting their endocannabinoid system. Interested in learning more about how CBD for pets? Read this blog.

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How to Use Purfurred CBD for Dogs

Purfurred CBD for Dogs

Add one serving to your dog’s food or administer directly into their mouth. Repeat twice daily or as directed by your veterinarian.

Serving Size:

25lbs dogs: 0.25ml
26-50lbs: 0.5ml
>50lbs: 0.75ml

Depending on your dog’s weight, you will get 120, 60 or 40 servings, respectively.


Sandy was a little too excited about her new CBD oil…




Active Ingredient: Phytocannabinoids (CBD, CBDA)
Other Ingredients: Hemp Seed Oil, Coconut Oil

1 review for CBD for Dogs 1oz (200mg CBD) | Purfurred Pet

  1. Meg

    When we adopted our husky from the shelter, we knew he had been a wild dog for a while and needed some help with his anxiety. We would leave him open to the home while at work and he would tear up pillows, get in the trash, and pee on the floors. We knew we could crate train, but we decided to try the CBD for dogs first. Within the first week he was calm, happy, and listening to us. We’ve used it for our other dog who was born with one leg smaller than the other so one leg was taking the brunt of the weight when stepping which caused pain but with the drops, she can run for so much longer and never holds her paw up anymore from pain. Not only this, but with the fireworks around 4th of july, we increased the serving size and they were completely fine!!

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