Hemp Oil for Skin

Hemp Oil for Skin

Many parts of the hemp plant are very beneficial to the body. Today we will be discussing the benefit of the oil from the seeds. Hemp seed oil is helpful when used in the making of skin care products. The rich oil derived from hemp seeds has very nourishing and replenishing properties when applied to the skin. Hemp seed oil can be applied directly to the skin or added to skin care products for a gorgeous result.

Nourishing Properties

Hemp seed oil has a lot of helpful properties that can soothe the skin in many ways. The lipids found in hemp seed oil are actually quite similar to the lipids that naturally occur in the skin, making it an effective and repairing moisturizer for the skin. By replacing lost lipids in the skin, you can help strengthen and rebuild elasticity, while adding in moisture that the skin needs to be healthy.

Hemp Oil Uses

Hemp oil can be used in products for regular maintenance such as daily moisturizing as well as a remedy for skin conditions that result in dry skin. While we cannot guarantee that hemp oil will assist with conditions such as psoriasis or atopic dermatitis, hemp oil may improve comfort by reducing dryness and penetrating the deeper layers of skin to condition and balance oil production.

Different Infusions Available

Made by Hemp offers a whole line of facial skin care, body care and special balms and salves of hemp oil for skin. Depending on what your skin concerns are, there is sure to be a solution for you. For general skin care for everyday maintenance, we offer a full line of hemp seed oil infused moisturizers, cleansers, and serums. For skin care for joints and muscles, we offer skin care with hemp seed and CBD oil to soothe pain and aches.

Try Hemp Oil Today

If you are interested in trying our hemp oil skin care infusions, check out our full line here. If you have any questions about the ingredients in our products, check out our FAQ page for commonly asked questions or feel free to contact us feel free to contact us via email or phone.

Everything You Need to Know About Hemp Products

Everything You Need to Know About Hemp Products

In recent years there has been a rise in the popularity of natural products, particularly products derived from hemp. These hemp products are made with cannabidiol oil extracted from industrial hemp plants. The FDA considers hemp products with cannabinoids to be in the category of nutritional supplements and not medication. The following three points are the top three things you should understand about hemp products.

CBD & Hemp Products

If you want to get the most out of hemp products, you should be an informed customer first. Educating yourself on the topic is the best way to gain an understanding on what you’re putting in your body. CBD products are found in different forms, sizes, and flavors. When comparing the amount of CBD in products, take into consideration the total volume of product. For instance, by volume, a 1oz bottle with 200mg CBD is stronger than a 2oz bottle with 300mg CBD.

Another thing to consider is that some hemp products just show a total amount of hemp oil, not the total amount of CBD specifically. Even though hemp oil offers beneficial properties on its own and does contain CBD within it, if you are specifically buying CBD products for the CBD content, you should consider the level of CBD and not of hemp oil.

How Are Hemp Products Used?

Pure hemp oil should be consumed like a nutritional supplement. CBD hemp oil is found in many types of foods and is available even in the forms of chewing gum, drops and capsules. The concentrated CBD hemp oil may be infused in body and skin care products so that they may be used topically.

CBD drops also have different levels of CBD concentration. Concentration is about the abundance of CBD when it is compared to the total volume of a product. With hemp oil, the products can range from normal strength to super-high CBD concentrations. The concentration you decide on will depend on the CBD effects you are looking for.

Why Made by Hemp

Made by Hemp has some of the best quality products that the CBD hemp market has to offer. This is because not only do we manufacture many of our products in our own lab, but we have them tested in a 3rd party lab for their efficacy and potency. With this extra control over quality, we are confident that we are proving you and your family with the best possible product. If you have any questions, contact one of our customer service personnel and they will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Everything you need to know about Hemp Oil Tincture

What is a Hemp Oil Tincture?

If you’re new to hemp oil, you may be wondering what they are and what they can do for the body.

The active ingredient in a hemp oil tincture is cannabidiol (CBD), which is a natural chemical compound found in the oil. It interacts with and supports the body’s endocannabinoid system. This system is extremely important for reulating processes in the brain, central and peripheral nervous sytem to keep the body in balance.

Another common ingredient in hemp oil tinctures is hempseed, which comes from pressed hemp seeds. It can be unrefined or cold pressed oil which looks clear light or dark green with a nutty flavor. When the oil looks darker, it will have a grassier flavor. Hemp oil should not be confused with hash oil. Hash oil is made from the Cannabis flower and has a different chemical makeup that causes psychoactive effects.

What Does it Look Like?

CBD hemp oil is a fairly dark liquid with an earthy flavor. It can stain clothing, so be careful.

Refined hempseed oil looks colorless and clear and it has little flavor and it lacks antioxidants and natural vitamins. Refined hempseed is normally used in beauty products. Industrial hemp seed is used in lubricants, plastics, fuel, inks, and paint. It can also be used in detergents, shampoos, and soaps. This oil has a high level of nutritional value, with omega 3 essential fatty acids and omega 6 in the pefect ratio required for the human body.

What is it Made Of?

A hemp oil tincture is made with oil that has been CO2 extracted from the industrial hemp plant. It’s non-psychoactive, legal in all 50 U.S. states, and has incredible properties that support the body.

While CBD hemp oil is the main ingredient, there’s usually one other base oil blended with it to make it a runnier consistency. The most common is, for obvious reasons, hemp seed oil. However, that oil does have a strong nutty flavor, so some companies use grapeseed or coconut oil instead. It’s completely up to personal preference which base ingredient you want, since the most important thing is the CBD-rich hemp oil.

Regardless of what the hemp oil is mixed with, sometimes the flavor is still pretty earthy. That’s why some hemp oil tinctures have natural and organic flavors blended in, making the product much easier to take for some people.

What are the Benefits?

Hemp oil products are now sought out because of the high level of CBD. The oil has now started to appear on the shelves of specialty stores and health food stores after the growing awareness about its many benefits. There is no need to get a medical card for purchasing CBD products made from imported industrial hemp oil. Most of this hemp oil comes from European farms. Hemp oil from China is cheaper, but the purity may be questionable. We recommend making sure the hemp oil comes from Europe and asking for a certificate of analysis (COA) from the manufacturer. A COA is a lab report from a cannabis testing facility, which shows the amount of cannabinoids in the product.

Industrial hemp oil is commonly imported to be used in nutritional supplements, food, building materials, and textiles. Thanks to the 2014 Farm Bill, imported hemp oil can be used, while domestic hemp still faces legal obsticles. CBD can be found in all types of cannabis; whether it be hemp or marijuana. With hemp, you can enjoy CBD without the risk of a high. It’s important to note that CBD is CBD, no matter where it comes from. So CBD from one type of cannabis isn’t “better” than CBD from another type.

Hemp oil may be frozen for longer storage period. Most hemp oil tincture does not use preservatives because it’s an oil…so it will last a long time unless it’s mixed with other ingredients that cut the shelf life. Most manufacturers have a 1-year shelf life on their products when stored in a “cool, dry area.”

Does CBD Have THC?

Does CBD Have THC?

If you are interested in trying CBD hemp oil but are unsure if it contains THC, we will explain the difference between the hemp we use for our products and the hemp that contains the psychoactive ingredient known as THC. All of Made by Hemp’s products are created from responsibly sourced industrial hemp from various parts of Europe. This industrial hemp does not contain THC but does contain helpful cannabinoids that can have a positive effect on the nervous system as well as other parts of the body.

What’s the difference between CBD & THC?

But, does CBD have THC? There is a difference between industrial hemp and marijuana. The biggest between the two is the differing levels of CBD and THC. The problem with taking medical CBD from marijuana is that it is not legal in different places and you will require a prescription from a doctor to be able to get it.

CBD and THC are both types of cannabinoids found in hemp. Since they are quite similar on a more scientific and molecular level this has caused quite a bit of confusion within the scientific community. However, their chemical properties are different enough to be able to separate the two. Since industrial hemp contains less than 0.3% THC, this makes it perfectly legal in the United States.

How Does CBD Work?

CBD is also known to regulate endocannabinoid receptors, which naturally occur in the body. Those receptors are located in the brain and throughout the central and peripheral nervous systems and they assist with control of appetite, pain, mood, and memory. CBD has been found to negate the psychoactive effects caused by THC. When you take CBD, it will block the CB1 receptors, which means that THC will not have an effect on them.

Still, Have Questions?

If you have any questions at all about the legality and contents of our products, contact our customer service team and they will be able to answer your questions. Here at Made by Hemp, we look to provide our customer with the best product as well as knowledge about the product so that you can use it confidently.

Alternate Vape Review – 250mg CBD Vape Shot

Alternate Vape’s CBD Vape Shot is shaking the competition for a few reasons that we’re excited to share with you.

General Consensus

We love that it’s all-natural and dares to step outside the typical vape oil formulation. What do we mean by that? Most CBD e-liquids are made with propylene glycol (PG) and/or vegetable glycerin (VG) in order to work with any vaporizer on the market. Although those ingredients have been the industry normal forever, they’re not necessarily healthy or natural.

Understanding that people use hemp for the sake of being healthy, Alternate Vape formulated this product using all-natural ingredients. Instead of PG/VG, it contains fractionated coconut oil. This formulation is an amazing improvement, but does cause one setback: not all vaporizers are compatible with it. You need a low-voltage battery.

That’s why the Alternate Vape CBD Vape Shot is best when used with their kit, unless you can verify your vape battery runs at 3.9V or less. This vape kit comes with everything you need, most importantly, a fully compatible vaporizer pen.

You won’t get huge vapor clouds with this all-natural formula —because guess which ingredients allow big clouds? That’s right, VG and PG. But it does still produce a decent amount of vapor, so we were satisfied.


alternate vape cbd vape shot reviewWe like this CBD Vape Shot because it’s really easy to use, you don’t have to mess with the hassle of filling anything because it comes pre-filled. You’ll notice a few things when you receive your order.

#1: The vape shot is packed almost too well, you’ll probably have to use scissors to get it out of the plastic shell.The good news? The package is pretty and professional and you don’t have to worry about it getting tossed around during shipment.

The good news? The package is pretty and professional and you don’t have to worry about it getting tossed around during shipment.

#2: You have everything you need to start vaping as soon as you receive your package.

#3: The sleek white case that comes with the kit is pretty and SUPER useful if you plan to travel with your vaporizer. Those pieces can be easy to lose without this case.


If you’re completely new to vaping, here are the exact steps you need to take when your Alternate Vape CBD Vape Shot arrives.

1. Cut the top off the clamshell packaging that contains your pre-filled CBD vape shot.

2. Remove the clear rubber piece on the bottom of the tank (it’s just there to prevent it from getting scratched up during shipping).

3. Open the white Alternate Vape case and grab the battery section.

4. Twist the battery onto that pre-filled CBD vape shot.

5. PLEASE – if for some reason you get curious and remove the black mouthpiece on the Vape Shot, absolutely do NOT remove the blue rubber piece. Otherwise, it could leak and you can take my word for it, it’s hard to get that piece back in. So don’t touch it!

6. Breathe in through the black mouthpiece on the CBD Vape Shot for 3-4 seconds, keep the vapor in your mouth for a couple seconds, then exhale gently.

7. Repeat as needed throughout the day, but do not vape more than 3 times in quick succession or you could burn your oil. Take it easy, vaping no more than 3 times per minute.



Does it Work?

Here’s why this CBD Vape Shot may be for you.
Our overall consensus in this CBD Vape Shot review is that, yes, we highly recommend Alternate Vape’s CBD e-liquid.

Here’s why.

  • Easy to travel with
  • Offers a potent amount of CBD
  • Made with terpenes
  • All-natural
  • Contains no VG or PG
  • 30 day money-back guarantee


alternate vape cbd vape shot

Alternate Vape: CBD Vape Shot 1ml (250mg CBD)

Select options


Here’s why this CBD Vape Shot may NOT be for you.
This CBD vape is made with CBD isolate, which is super potent but isn’t full-spectrum. This means it doesn’t have pure hemp oil, containing various cannabinoids and other phytonutrients from the oil. Rather, the CBD is extracted from the hemp oil.

For some people, this works really well because it’s such a high concentration of CBD. However, other people find that a full-spectrum hemp oil works better. In that case, this vape might not be your best option.


What do you think of AV’s CBD Vape Shot? Let us know your opinion!

How to Take Hemp Oil Orally

How to Take Hemp Oil Orally

There are a few different ways on how to take hemp oil orally, whether it is using a tincture, edibles, or capsules. Made by Hemp offers a wide variety of these products for customers with any preference to be able to add CBD hemp oil into their diet.

What Are my Options?

Tincture & Syringe

One of the most versatile ways to incorporate CBD hemp oil into your diet is by using a pure extract or a tincture. They can be taken straight or they can be mixed into beverages to dilute the taste. Tinctures are a more liquid consistency and are usually dispensed in drops. These drops can also be flavored to make them slightly more palatable. For the pure extracts, these have a much thicker consistency and are dispensed out of an oral syringe. This thick dark paste has a very earthy taste.


Your options for edibles consist of chocolates, chews, and lozenges. This variety of options allows many people to be able to find something that will suit their taste. This type of oral supplement is particularly discreet in that they look just like candies or sore throat cough drops, so people won’t know that you are taking a dietary supplement. This allows you to take this supplement orally on the go or in the comfort of your own home.


If you are already taking other supplements orally, adding another one might be a particularly easy way of adding it into your diet. These capsule supplements are taken the same way orally as any other capsule with water. These capsules come in different milligram concentrations and are very easy to use when trying to find your perfect serving. When taking CBD hemp orally via capsule, you can be sure about exact servings due to the perfectly portioned oils and gel caps.

Want to Learn More?

If you are curious about the different ways to take hemp orally, contact Made by Hemp today. One of our enthusiastic employees will be ready to help you find the perfect CBD Hemp oil supplement for you and your lifestyle.

Which Capsule Supplement is Right for Me?

Which Capsule Supplement is Right for Me?

If you don’t like taking CBD oil via a tincture or any other supplements, CBD capsule supplements might be exactly what you are looking for to incorporate CBD hemp extract into your diet. CBD Hemp capsules can be easier for those who take other medications or other dietary supplements. Made by Hemp offers of variety of oral capsules and pills that vary in potency to suit your ideal serving

What Are the Benefits of CBD Capsules?

CBD capsule supplements are easy to incorporate into your daily routine, particularly a morning routine. If you are looking for a CBD supplement with a greater impact, you will find the servings are more exact than if you were to decide to go with a tincture or vape oils. CBD supplement capsules are great for consumers who desire the benefits of adding CBD to their diet but just prefer the option take in in pill form instead of a more flavorful method.

What are My Options?

There are several different formulas of the capsule method for taking CBD supplements.

Traditional Capsules

Our traditional, water-soluble capsules come in a variety of potencies and are always a good choice for customers looking for a no fuss option. This classic version is a great way to get on a regular regimen of taking CBD supplements.

Soft gels

Much like other capsule supplements, gel capsule formulas can absorb faster due to the quicker dissolving material or casing. This can be helpful if you are looking to experience the benefits, such as relaxation quicker before bed.

Why Made by Hemp Products?

If you are looking for a more structured way to take your CBD supplements, you will enjoy the variety that is offered by Made by Hemp. Our products are of the highest quality and potency standards that you can find on the market. Here at Made by Hemp, we only use the highest quality hemp that is properly sourced and imported. Once we receive it, we have all of the products tested by a third party lab as well as our own. This allows you to purchase with confidence when looking to add CBD into your diet.

Topical Solutions

Topical Solutions

Over the last several years the trends in the beauty industry continue to move towards the use of more natural remedies. Many topical and cosmetic skin care remedies are often too harsh and full of chemicals that can over dry the skin and leave it feeling sensitive. Made by Hemp offers a wide variety of topical solutions for treating the skin and other issues. CBD Hemp oil infused skincare and first aid products are completely natural and contain powerful compounds to help heal the skin.

Face & Body Topical Solutions

Facial Skincare

Hemp based skincare is ideal for customers who are looking for a more gentle and moisturizing way to care for their skin. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD extract are great for calming problem skin and irritations. In addition to the CBD extract, the skin care lines offered also contain hemp seed oil which is both very moisturizing and balancing even for more oily skin types.

Body Skincare

The skin on the body goes through a lot of wear and tear over the year’s changes in the seasons, being exposed to the elements. This exposure can leave parts of the skin dry and irritated with the need for more moisture being put back into the skin that lasts longer than traditional lotions and creams. Traditional lotions and creams contain chemical fragrance and other additives. Our lotions are scented using natural essential oils and have a shelf life of six months which is a testament to the lack of preservatives and artificial ingredients that we put in our products.

First Aid Topical Solutions

Chemically driven topical solutions for common first-aid type ailments are a dime a dozen. Made by Hemp offers solutions for aching muscles, diaper rash, sun protection and much more. These more natural solutions are shooting as well as nourishing the skin all at the same time.

Learn More About Topical Solutions

Want to incorporate more natural solutions into your medicine cabinet and Skincare routine? Be sure to check out our entire health, beauty, and topical solution pages to see our entire offering. We strive to offer only the most natural and effective skincare for our customers. See why so many believe in the power of hemp and try one of our products today!

What are CBD Edibles?

What are CBD Edibles?

Make nutritional supplements easy to remember and pleasant to take with CBD edibles! if you struggle to remember to take nutritional supplements, then CBD edibles may be perfect for you. CBD edibles are an edible nutritional supplement that come in the form of chocolates or tasty chews. These edibles are just as potent and just as good for you as other supplement forms. This is just another way to make sure that everybody can fit CBD into their daily routine. Also, when something is as delicious as our CBD edibles it’s hard to forget to take them each day. Keep reading and we’ll go over the different types of edibles we offer here at Made by Hemp.

Chocolates and Sweet Treats

The chocolates come in a few different forms: chocolate bar, individual chocolates, and flavored chews with a caffeine boost. These products come in a variety of potencies to suit anyone’s needs. If you prefer to take your CBD supplements in the morning, we highly recommend the chews that contain caffeine so you can skip your cup of coffee. The other edibles would make a great feature in your evening routine as something a little sweet for dessert.

Lozenges, Gum, and Honey Sticks

If you are looking for something a little quicker, something of this variety may be exactly what you are looking for. The lozenges and gum are an extremely discreet way of getting your daily servings and would be perfect for any time of day. The CBD oil honey is equally as discreet when added into your favorite herbal tea on the go.

How Many Edibles Should I Eat Per Serving?

Servings are going to differ by product and person; it is best to start with the recommended serving size on the label. You may find that your ideal serving size is more or less than the recommended amount. It’s best to take your time and try out different serving sizes to see what works best for you. Some people enjoy taking this in the morning with other nutritional supplements to start their day. This is a particularly good idea with chews that contain caffeine as a great way to get that little extra boost in the morning. However, some people really enjoy taking them at night in order to help them sleep because of the calming effect.

Learn More About CBD Hemp Edibles

Interested in learning more and trying some CBD hemp edibles? Check out our full product listing for more details. We also have some educational materials on CBD and hemp if you’re interested in learning more about the different benefits and how CDB work with our bodies.

What are the Best CBD Products?

Best CBD products

What are the Best CBD Products?

If you are looking for the best and highest quality CBD products you have come to the right place. Many retailers claim to have the best quality and potency while not following a strict and trusted testing process. We can guarantee the best CBD products because we are confident in our testing process. One of the many benefits to shopping with Made by Hemp is the wide product offering that allows you to try a variety of products in order for you to find the best product to address your needs.

What Can I Use CBD Products for?

CBD is the dietary and wellness “jack-of-all-trades”. This is because of its varied uses and versatility in positively impacting many different parts of the body. The following are just a few ways our customer uses our products:

Brain & Mental Health – CBD Hemp oil is made up of healthy fats. Omega-3 is mostly important for this since of it can repair injured brain cells. CBD hemp oil can also have a calming effect on the body, therefore potentially providing relief from anxiety.

Hair and Skin – While there are other hair, skin and nail supplements, not many can be used superficially and internally.

Immunity – Hemp oil also has probiotic capabilities. With this additional help, your body can fight the environmental contaminants, germs and infections easier.

Pets – Hemp oil can calm anxious pets. In addition to temperament issues, CBD oil can aid your pet by providing anti-oxidants for their internal and external health.

Learn more

The benefits and healthy properties that CBD products can provide the body are abundant, yet very natural for the whole body. Hemp oil can profit all members of your household and can be incorporated into your diet. Check out the whole range of the best CBD products the market has to offer at Made by Hemp.