About Made By Hemp


After hemp supplements helped turned our founder Jeff Gallagher’s life around, he made it his personal mission to help at least five people a month discover the benefits of hemp. He started MHR Brands in early 2013. Made by Hemp was born shortly after.

Since 2013, Made by Hemp has been an industry leader in producing products and working with retailers to help offer quality CBD products to customers worldwide.

Our Promise To You

Each product we carry follows a series of steps before it becomes part of our lineup.

Discovering & Vetting

Sometimes companies reach out to us about carrying their products, but 99% of our brands were selected by our own research.

What makes this product unique?
If it is competitively priced?
Is the hemp oil properly sourced and tested?
Are the ingredients natural and honest?

Lab Tested

Everything goes through a testing phase before we even consider carrying it. No exceptions. Although we have our own testing equipment that we like to fire up on occasion, we understand the importance of non-biased reports.

That’s why all products are 3rd-party lab tested to confirm the cannabinoid content advertised on the packaging.

Taste Tested

Admittedly, it’s no secret that hemp oil usually doesn’t taste great. Perhaps it’s cruel for us to make our employees taste all of these products —but we promise they’re happy to do it for you!

Before on-boarding a new product, we use ourselves as guinea pigs. When testing a potential addition to the Made By Hemp store, we note the following for our final consensus:

Flavor, Potency / Effectiveness, Uniqueness

You’re In Charge

Our customers are the leading force behind what’s in our store.

Once we add a new product, the final step never ends. We read your reviews and take all feedback seriously to determine if a product is effective and well-liked.

Whenever you try a product, please go to the product page on our site and leave a review! Or feel free to email us your reviews.

Giving Back

Helping others is our #1 priority and a concept that makes our jobs so rewarding. Our whole team has come together for various volunteering opportunities to help other companies and charities with like-minded goals.

Recently, we donated to Bowl for Kid’s Sake and took the whole team out for a night of bowling, fun, and of course, appreciation for what this volunteer-supported organization does for kids! Read more about the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization here.

Several times a year, our team members volunteer at Kids Food Basket in Grand Rapids, Michigan for an hour of preparing lunch or take-home meals for children in our area who wouldn’t already have them. Learn more about volunteering here to help your community by giving your most valuable currency—time.

When Christmas time rolls around, our team comes together to fulfill the wish list of 3 or more children through D.A. Blodgett St. Johns.

Thanks to your support, we also give to these charities:

Our Story

From humble beginnings with a desire to help others get off pharmaceuticals, feel better, and live better, Made by Hemp employs, inspires, and innovates.