CBD Hemp Oil Concentrates

CBD Hemp Oil concentrates are the most raw form supplements we carry. They are also our most popular. Concentrates are extracted directly from the hemp plant and contain no additives. This gives the product a thick, paste-like consistency. CBD concentrates are either consumed sublingually (under the tongue) or vaporized with a dabbing pen.

What Are CBD Concentrates?

CBD concentrates are high potency extracts of the hemp plant that contain high levels of cannabidiol (CBD). These products are an ideal choice for people looking to take a higher CBD serving in a short time, as they are pure hemp concentrates without any additional ingredients. CBD concentrates are preferable to other hemp products because they are among the strongest products, thus providing the best value.

What Are the Different Types of CBD Concentrate?

Made By Hemp offers three label options for their CBD oil concentrate, each featuring a different level of CBD:

  • The Green Label Proprietary Hemp Extract: The Green Label hemp extract is also called the raw version and is extracted straight from the hemp plant. It is a whole plant oil that is packaged straight after extraction without filtering or heating. It is dark with a paste-like consistency and has no additives.


  • The Blue Label Hemp Concentrate: The blue version hemp extract is one of the three versions of the proprietary hemp concentrate extracted directly from the hemp plant. It is pure hemp oil that undergoes special preparation to ensure it contains no additives. The blue label is a thick and dark paste-like substance that’s non-psychoactive and contains <0.3% THC.


  • The Gold Label CBD Hemp Oil Concentrate: It is the last version of our three concentrates. The gold version is filtered to remove any extra plant components and increase its CBD concentration. Its color changes to a gold or light orange color with a gel-like consistency due to its special preparation. It also works very fast, taking effect within 10-20 minutes.

What Is CBD Concentrate Best Used for?

A daily serving of CBD concentrate delivers high levels of CBD into your system, thus promoting overall well-being. Your body absorbs CBD in pure hemp oil, which then interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS plays a major role in keeping your body balanced and at homeostasis. And the interaction stimulates the ECS to keep the body and its functions balanced to allow it to perform optimally every day.

What Are the Benefits of CBD Concentrate?

It is the purest form of hemp oil without additives and is the closest you will get to the actual hemp plant. The CBD hemp oil concentrate is undiluted, thus containing very high levels of CBD per suggested serving.

Concentrate CBD products also contain various vitamins, fatty acids, and minerals. The concentrates are easy to consume and measure. You can measure and add your desired amount to your dabbing pen or place it under your tongue for fast absorption.

Get Safe and Natural Hemp Products

At Made By Hemp, we give you the best hemp oil products that are properly sourced, created in-house, and taken through third-party lab tests to check for potency, quality, safety, and effectiveness. We are also glad to provide you with the proof of testing whenever you please. Order your CBD concentrate products today and receive free U.S. shipping on orders over $75!