Learning How to Find the Light Even When Things Look Pretty Dark


We think it’s safe to say that 2020 has been a year we’d all like to forget. Kind of. Well, not really.

Yes, it’s been scary and probably none of us like the uncertainty of what comes next. But when we really started to think about how the shut down and Covid 19 have impacted our lives, everyone at Made by Hemp came up with a common consensus: we may have gone through some dark times, but we came out stronger in the end.

Some of the Struggles We Faced

Our team members dealt with quite a bit while our business was on pause.  Many of us struggled with challenging health issues, uncertain work environments, disappearing daycare options and more introspective challenges like figuring out what we believed in and how to stay centered. Covid 19 shook us to our core and upended literally every aspect of our lives.

The Silver Lining: What We Learned

Motivation to overcome Coronavirus

1. It’s Never Too Late To Reclaim Our Health

“I had always been active. I played softball, worked out in the gym and generally enjoyed good health. Until Covid 19. A few nights of drinking wine and sitting on the couch turned into a few more, and before I knew it, I had gained weight and was diagnosed with gout (yes, that’s a real thing.)

Once I recommitted to my health, then I used that extra energy to create the Made by Hemp CBD Capsule.  To have the time to slow down and to think about how to use my skills and talents ultimately gave me the time to create a product that we felt would benefit our customers.”

Chris J. – Director of Operations

Men's Physical Wellness

2. Perspective is everything!

“I started quarantine laid off and living alone while battling a health flare-up (autoimmune-related), all while preparing to move out of my previous home in a stressful time. This change from everyday life as we knew it gave me a huge opportunity to slow down and I’m glad I took up on it. I was able to truly take a break in a way that I believe many “busy” people beg for, but assume they’ll never get. I was able to eliminate the “clutter” of life, develop and incorporate some great daily habits and check back in with myself to ensure I’m staying grateful and positive.”

Amanda P. – Compliance Specialist

Start each day with a grateful heart

3. Time with family is a gift (yes, really).

“Because I was able to come to work every day, I never went stir crazy or got down in the dumps about being at home with nothing to do.  I saved a lot of money on daycare because our daycare shut down, but luckily for us, my husband was not considered an essential employee so he was able to stay home with them.  Now, if you asked him how it went, he swears that this experience of being with our one and two year old everyday caused him to go bald. It may have sucked for him, but he kept all of his hair.”

Lacey L. – Purchasing Specialist

Dads spending more time with kids during quarantine

4. Supporting Local Businesses Is Important

“I’ve always tried to shop local, but there are times I find myself hitting up Potbelly or Subway.  I know a couple friends who’ve had to permanently close their businesses because they couldn’t stay afloat during the lockdown.  I will continue to support local in any way I can.   Now I truly see the importance of giving my business to the mom and pop shops vs. a big chain.”

Lacey L. – Purchasing Specialist

Shop Local and support local businesses

5. Accepting the unknown

Dealing with uncertainty

“I stopped setting expectations.  Initially, I thought the lockdown would last a couple of weeks.  Ha!  I can’t expect people to follow the rules and mask up just like I can’t expect people to drive the speed limit.  I can’t expect that we’ll go back to how it used to be.  We’ll never go back to how it was and that’s ok.  Maybe I stopped setting expectations, too because I won’t be let down when something doesn’t live up to the expectation.”

Lacey L. – Purchasing Specialist

6. Follow your passion and stay open to new opportunities

Follow your passion when job hunting

“I guess getting myself to Made by Hemp was my challenge.  Before Covid hit, I was managing a different CBD store and fell in love with the product. I was really moving up, remotely managing several stores and on my way to a good place in my previous position.  Unfortunately, I was laid off when the business shut down. I don’t do well not keeping busy, so being off work for so long and losing one of the best opportunities I’ve had left me a little down and out, but it also gave me a whole new set of goals to shoot for.  That being said, I was determined to not settle for anything less than where I wanted to go, and coming here, I started off in the position that I was trying to previously get into.  For me, this was pretty much a blessing in disguise.”

Alex K. – Customer Ambassador

The folks at the Center for Disease Control have a comprehensive guide to dealing with stress during this uncertain time. Read their recommendations if you have any questions or want more resources.

If you are new to CBD and interested to see how it can benefit you, be sure to shop Made By Hemp.