Everything You Need to Know About Hemp Products

Everything You Need to Know About Hemp Products

In recent years there has been a rise in the popularity of natural products, particularly products derived from hemp. These hemp products are made with cannabidiol oil extracted from industrial hemp plants. The FDA considers hemp products with cannabinoids to be in the category of nutritional supplements and not medication. The following three points are the top three things you should understand about hemp products.

CBD & Hemp Products

If you want to get the most out of hemp products, you should be an informed customer first. Educating yourself on the topic is the best way to gain an understanding on what you’re putting in your body. CBD products are found in different forms, sizes, and flavors. When comparing the amount of CBD in products, take into consideration the total volume of product. For instance, by volume, a 1oz bottle with 200mg CBD is stronger than a 2oz bottle with 300mg CBD.

Another thing to consider is that some hemp products just show a total amount of hemp oil, not the total amount of CBD specifically. Even though hemp oil offers beneficial properties on its own and does contain CBD within it, if you are specifically buying CBD products for the CBD content, you should consider the level of CBD and not of hemp oil.

How Are Hemp Products Used?

Pure hemp oil should be consumed like a nutritional supplement. CBD hemp oil is found in many types of foods and is available even in the forms of chewing gum, drops and capsules. The concentrated CBD hemp oil may be infused in body and skin care products so that they may be used topically.

CBD drops also have different levels of CBD concentration. Concentration is about the abundance of CBD when it is compared to the total volume of a product. With hemp oil, the products can range from normal strength to super-high CBD concentrations. The concentration you decide on will depend on the CBD effects you are looking for.

Why Made by Hemp

Made by Hemp has some of the best quality products that the CBD hemp market has to offer. This is because not only do we manufacture many of our products in our own lab, but we have them tested in a 3rd party lab for their efficacy and potency. With this extra control over quality, we are confident that we are proving you and your family with the best possible product. If you have any questions, contact one of our customer service personnel and they will be happy to answer any questions you may have.