Hemp Oil Benefits

Hemp Oil Benefits

Hemp Oil Benefits

The benefits of hemp oil have been widely studied with continued research proving its safety and effectiveness. FDA regulations prevent us from making any medical claims, but we encourage you to do some research on your own to find out what conditions hemp oil might improve. Below are just a few of the guaranteed hemp oil benefits that come with our Made by Hemp products.

It’s Legal

Our hemp oil products are properly sourced to ensure they are legal to use and sell within all 50 states. The hemp oil we use comes from hemp plants grown domestically. The oil is extracted from these hemp plants and shipped to our lab in Michigan. After several tests to ensure purity, the hemp oil is used to produce an array of quality products.

It’s Safe and Natural

At Made by Hemp, we only offer the best hemp oil products from oil that has been properly sourced. We create our products in our lab and have everything third-party tested to check potency, safety, quality, and effectiveness. We are happy to provide you with proof of testing at your request.

When you check the ingredients list for our products, you will see that everything is completely natural with no chemicals or synthetic substances. Besides pure hemp oil, we might add coconut oil for effectiveness or plant terpenes for flavor. We always provide our full list of ingredients to you so you know exactly what goes into the product you’re receiving.

It’s Used in a Variety of Forms

Another benefit of hemp oil is that it’s offered in a variety of forms. Hemp oil from Made by Hemp can be used in a vape pen, eaten like candy or gum, applied to the skin, or taken as a supplement. Even your pets can experience hemp oil benefits with treats, supplements, and topical oils designed for their specific needs.

We encourage you to do your own research and discover the hemp oil benefits for yourself to determine which products will be right for you. If you have any questions about the hemp oil we use or our products, contact us today!