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Millions are falling in love with CBD products across the United States, and access to CBD oil has never been easier. However, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to get the high-quality CBD oil that Holland newscasters have been boasting about.

In an ever-growing market, inferior CBD products are continuing to pop up. To experience the maximum benefits of CBD, you need to find reputable companies that do their due diligence in sourcing and lab testing their CBD oil.

That’s why Holland residents are getting their CBD oil from Made By Hemp in the Holland Town Center on James Street. 


Why Get CBD Oil in Holland?

There are many reasons that CBD oil continues to gain traction across the map. It’s an all-natural way to promote wellness in many areas of your life. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of CBD Oil Holland residents can’t get enough of!


Let’s face it; traffic coming home on 196 can make for some long commutes. Long commutes lead to slouching, which can cause lower back and neck pain. With a majority of us sitting in office chairs, in our cars, or on the couch all day, our body can use a break. Thankfully, CBD can help support our body and the pain we put it through.

Skin Care & Inflammation

One of the sectors of CBD oil in Holland that is growing in popularity is our skincare catalog. Our largest organ is equipped with cannabinoid receptors. These receptors can support everything from itchy skin to acne to aches and pains. By using CBD oil, Holland residents stimulate these receptors. In turn, CBD causes a sedative-like effect on these influential receptors. These results leave our skin less irritated. Plus, the antioxidant-like qualities of CBD helps rejuvenate skin cells—pretty ideal for our cold, windy winters.


Speaking of cold Holland winters, seasonal changes can lead to a change in your mood. After all, six percent of the population experiences Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Another 14% experience lesser symptoms, known as the winter blues. Wherever you fall in the spectrum, purchasing CBD oil in Holland may help. CBD helps promote homeostasis throughout the body, including areas that influence our mood.


Where Can You Buy CBD Oil in Holland?

The hemp ban began to lift in 2014, and today you can finally get CBD oil derived from agriculture hemp in all fifty states. Agricultural, or industrial, hemp contains 0.3% THC or less, so it doesn’t cause intoxicating effects.

With the world coming around to CBD, more stores are starting to carry hemp-based products. However, slapping a picture of a hemp leaf on a product doesn’t mean it comes with the benefits you may be expecting.

As CBD products grow in popularity, it opens the door for items of less quality to saturate the market. It has also lead to blurred lines between hemp seed oil and CBD hemp oil, which are two different oils extracted from separate parts of the plant. In short, oil from hemp seeds doesn’t contain CBD. However, both types are commonly referred to as “hemp oil” on product packaging.

Buying CBD oil at a rest stop may seem convenient but you likely won’t be able to ask the clerk to see lab test results, or get details on where the hemp was sourced.

While those questions may seem excessive, they’re essential due to the lack of regulation in the CBD industry right now. Currently, CBD companies aren’t forced to conduct purity testing or source from farmers that meet specific criteria.

At Made By Hemp, we offer the perfect balance of customer service, education, and high-quality products. We are the go-to for CBD oil in Holland because our team has the experience, knowledge, and passion to help you find the products to meet your needs.


Why Get CBD Oil in Holland from Made By Hemp?

Made By Hemp CBD Wellness isn’t a novelty store that happens to sell CBD. We are a team of health-conscious individuals who have specialized in hemp-based care since 2013. Our full retail store is dedicated to hemp, and our team is just as dedicated to helping you reach your wellness goals.

Made By Hemp products are available in a wide variety of forms, from concentrated oils to chocolates and gummies. We offer full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and THC-free formulations. Our team can help you understand the differences and guide you in choosing the right type for you. Our determination to provide the best quality products and education is what sets us apart from everyone else.

Additionally, our store is set up for your success. Freely browse our products based on the benefits you desire. Our simple setup makes shopping less stressful and more fun. Further enhance the experience by sampling some of or most popular tinctures and topicals. If you don’t end up loving your CBD supplement, bring it back within 30 days for a refund.

Lastly, pick the brains of our staff. They all have first-hand experience with these products. Therefore, they understand how CBD oil can transform your wellness routine. Allow them to make recommendations and share their personal experiences using CBD products. That way, they can help you sift through some of the misinformation you read about CBD on the news.


Buy CBD Oil in Holland in-Store, Online, or get it Delivered

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding CBD that still need to be cleared for some people. The recent media frenzy about the dangers of black-market e-cigarettes further enhances this confusion. While our CBD vapes are not the same as those e-cigarettes, visiting a store can help you see the differences for yourself.

At Made by Hemp, all of our products are third-party lab tested. Therefore, you can review the cannabinoid profile of every product we carry before you make your purchase.

As a bonus, we have a collection of CBD products that are exclusive to this store location. This exclusivity allows us to serve our guests better. By speaking to our trained team members, they can help you decide what may work best for you. Having this face-to-face time can save you money and help you feel confident in every aspect of your CBD supplement.

For those who prefer to purchase online, it’s still an option. Our Made By Hemp store ships CBD oil to Holland and all throughout the country. While you may not get some of the exclusive CBD oil brands our Holland store carries, you still receive access to the top CBD brands on the market.

Feel free to browse our online CBD store before coming to our Holland Town Center location. That way, you can jot down any questions that might pop up during your visit!

Finally, we have a delivery service for our Holland, Saugatuck, and parts of Grand Haven areas only. If you live in one of these areas, you can get our CBD products delivered directly to your doorstep through Holland Eats. Check it out if you or someone you know could use CBD but does not have the ability to get to our store locations.


Get CBD Oil in the Holland Town Center

Our full retail store is located in the Holland Town Center. It’s complete with knowledgeable staff, informative literature, and high-quality CBD products. 

Get CBD oil in Holland by stopping by our location at:

Made By Hemp CBD Wellness
12330 James St. Suite B40
Holland MI 49424


When you arrive in the plaza, follow the “CBD Wellness” signs. These will lead you to our free parking area. Keep in mind that this is a cash-only establishment. There is an ATM in our store for your convenience.

Please feel free to pop in at any time and say hi! We’d love to help you test some products or answer any questions you have about CBD. 


Made By Hemp CBD Wellness Holland Store Hours:

  • Thursday – Saturday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday – Wednesday: Closed


If you have any questions prior to your visit, give us a shout. We’d love to talk to you about our line of CBD products, how CBD works, or any other concerns.


Call us: (616) 335-6000