Is It Safe to Give My Dog CBD?

You’ve seen CBD products marketed all over social media, with proponents claiming that it can treat everything from seizures to insomnia. And now, in recent months, some manufacturers have started claiming that CBD is a safe treatment for your pets. Many brands have started selling CBD for dogs in the form of sprays, topicals, treats and chews. You’ve heard stories about people getting recommendations from their vets, and it seems like a relatively safe, natural treatment. But is CBD really safe for dogs, or should it be limited to human consumption only? Here’s what you need to know before you start giving your dog CBD.

Is CBD Safe for Dogs?

According to a report by the Huffington Post, CBD is indeed safe for dogs. Most veterinarians agree that CBD is a safe, organic substance that won’t harm your pet. However, there’s not much clinical research on the subject. Make sure you talk to your veterinarian before starting a CBD regimen with your pet.

Will CBD Make My Pet High?

CBD contains no THC, which is the compound in marijuana that produces the “high” effect in humans. If you’ve ever used CBD yourself, you’ve probably noticed that it didn’t make you feel high. CBD has the same effect on dogs—it can treat their medical issues without giving them any negative side effects. For this reason, CBD is also perfectly legal to buy and use throughout the United States.

How Can I Administer CBD to my Pet?

CBD for dogs comes in a wide variety of forms. You can stick with a traditional dropper bottle, although it might be difficult to get the liquid in your pet’s mouth. To make the process easier, many brands sell CBD-infused treats and chews. However, you’ll have to wait longer for the effects to kick in, as the treats have to be digested for the CBD to enter the bloodstream. You can also buy topicals and creams if your pet suffers from pain and inflammation in a certain area.

How Can Using CBD Benefit my Pet?

A 2019 study by Colorado State University showed promising evidence that CBD can reduce the frequency of seizures in dogs. According to Cannabis Supplements for Pets, CBD has also been known to treat cancer in dogs by alleviating their symptoms and reducing tumor growth. You can also use CBD for dogs the same way you use it for humans–use it to relieve their anxiety, ease pain, help them sleep easier and treat mild scrapes and injuries. If your dog gets anxious during thunderstorms or Fourth of July fireworks, a dose of CBD can help them calm down and sleep through the night.

Can Vets Prescribe CBD?

At the time of writing this, most vets are not legally authorized to prescribe CBD. However, you should still discuss it with your vet if you plan on giving your dog CBD products. They might be able to discuss the situation and help you decide if this is the best method of treatment.

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