The Best Damn Delta 9 Magic Stixx


Discover the Best Damn Delta 9 Magic Stick: The ultimate euphoric blend of THC gummies and hard candy with a Wild Cherry twist.

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Introducing “The Best Damn Delta 9 Magic Stixx,” a groundbreaking blend of award-winning gummy mix and superior hard candy. These sticks are not just candy; they’re a meticulously designed delight, offering an unmatched taste experience. Each Magic Stick is power-packed with 100mg of pure Delta 9 THC and enriched with 30mg of CBD, ensuring a potent yet balanced mix perfect for those seeking a profound, manageable impact.

Ideal for connoisseurs of Delta 9 THC, our Magic Stixx pave the way to a euphoric state of calm and serenity, making them the perfect companion for melting away the rigors of the day or soothing the usual daily tensions. These Stixx are carefully crafted to provide a subtle uplift, allowing you to savor the full benefits of Delta 9 THC without the overwhelm.

Dive into a realm of relaxation like never before with our Delta 9 THC Magic Stixx. Tailored for moments of unwinding or seeking a pause from life’s demands, our hard candy-coated gummies merge flavor with functionality, offering a delightful and effective route to tranquility. With every bite delivering 100mg of pure Delta 9 THC, embrace the ease and let the serene journey begin.

Experience the fusion of “Wild Cherry” flavor with the intricate balance of THC and CBD. Each rope portioned into ten servings for precise dosing. Dive into the world of “The Best Damn Delta 9 Magic Stick” and discover the ultimate way to unwind, one serving at a time.

Flavor : Wild Cherry

10mg Of CBD Per serving, Whole rope is 10 servings

Intended for consumers 21+