Certificate of Analysis (COA)

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Made By Hemp

Product Traceability

Made by Hemp – After Golf CBD Topical 1.6 oz

Made by Hemp – CBD Face Serum 1oz

Made by Hemp – CBD Capsules 40 count

Made by Hemp – CBD Gummies (25mg CBD ea.)

Made by Hemp – CBD Paw Balm 1.6oz

Made by Hemp – CBD Softgels 30 count

Made by Hemp – CBG Oil Tincture 1oz 

Made by Hemp – CBG Oil Blend 1oz 

Made by Hemp –  Face & Body CBD Lotion

Made by Hemp – Hemp CBD Patches

Made by Hemp –  Hemp Extract Tincture

Made by Hemp –  Luxury CBD Massage Oil 3.4oz

Raw Hemp Extract Green Label

Made by Hemp –  Raw Hemp Extract | Green Label

Made By Hemp – THC-Free CBD Oil

Focus Formula

Alternate Vape

Product Traceability

Vape Pen Starter Kit - Citrus

Alternate Vape – CBD Oil Vape Pen Starter Kit 

Vape Oil

Alternate Vape – PG Free CBD Vape Oil 15 ml   

Tasty Hemp Oil

Product Traceability

Tasty Hemp Oil – CBD Gummy Bears  25mg

ID-04220-B1FG003282, FG003301, FG003333, FG003465, FG003492

01620B1-131201 FG003297, FG0033332

1219191  FG003088, FG003089, FG003212, FG003245

Tasty Hemp Oil – CBD Softgels  450mg

113001 LOT#FG003466

112023 LOT#FG002983

112025 LOT#FG000308, FG003163

Tasty Hemp Oil – Tasty Drops – CBD Oil for Cats 1oz

Tasty Hemp Oil – Tasty Drops – CBD Oil for Dogs 1oz

Abinoid Botanicals

Product Traceability

Abinoid Botanicals – CBD Face Serum 10z

Hemp Extract Lotion

Abinoid Botanicals – CBD Lotion 4oz

Abinoid Botanicals – CBD Salve

Hemp Oil Care

Hemp Oil Care Logo Product Traceability

Hemp Oil Care – THC-Free CBD Oil 2oz



Pure Ratios

Pure Ratios Logo

Product Traceability

Pure Ratios Hemp Patch

1 patch and 5 patches


Therabis Logo

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Therabis Calm and Quiet Dog Chews

5 pack, 7 pack and 30 pack