11 Lesser Known Uses For Our CBD Salve

What is CBD salve?


A CBD salve is a topical solution that can be rubbed directly on sore muscles and joints. Topical CBD is hot right now – and for a good reason! You can apply CBD salves directly to problem areas for more direct relief. Compared to CBD edibles which need to pass through the digestive tract and will be absorbed into the bloodstream thus impacting the entire body.


Although CBD salves are typically used for knee pain management, and other joint pain management, to soothe inflammation and other skin conditions, there are many other applications beyond these uses. We compiled this list of lesser-known uses for your favorite CBD salve, CBD lotion, or CBD cream. Here’s our list of uncommon uses for our muscle relief balm–  have you discovered any other uses, not on this list? Let us know!


1. Subdue itchy bug bites


2. Help heal new tattoos


3. Soothe sore muscles


4. Soothe inflammation


5. Support achy joints


6. Relieve tension headaches


7. Mitigate psoriasis symptoms


8. Hydrate flaky skin


9. Alleviate menstrual cramps


10. Heal cuts, scrapes, and bruises more quickly


11. Soothe sunburn


How do you use our topical CBD products? Help us expand our list by voicing your ideas in the comments below!


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