How Do I Switch to Natural Skin Care?

Chemical-laden products have dominated the cosmetic market, and many are recognizing the need for change. Making the switch to natural skin care is a mindful choice; however, changing our beauty routine can be daunting. Once we discover a proper skincare routine, we’re rightfully stubborn to give it up. It took the trial-and-error of countless products to get our skin where we want it to be. Starting this process anew is a scary thought.


However, the benefit of switching to natural skin care is apparent on so many levels. Not only are you protecting your body from potentially harmful ingredients, but you’re also supporting a conscious movement. Empowering yourself to make informed choices gives you a glow from the inside out.


How Do I Switch to Natural Skin Care?


Familiarize Yourself with Ingredients

To become a conscious beauty consumer, we must first familiarize ourselves with the ingredients going on to our skin. Traditional cosmetic products are heavy with jargon which can, at first, be a bit overwhelming. Start with one or two ingredients that you find important to rid of. As your knowledge base grows, you’ll be able to more quickly identify the products that fit your criteria.


Reading labels is an important habit to form. There are “green” products on the market that still make use of potentially harmful chemicals. The ingredient list, however, does not lie. A little extra work at the store will be to your benefit.


At the same time, you also want to learn the benefit of natural ingredients. Certain natural ingredients are better suited for specific skin types. Understanding which natural products are best for your skin will make the process of finding the right skin care product much more enjoyable.


Introduce Products One at a Time

After researching natural skin care and finding lust-worthy replacement products, we make a mad dash to our cosmetics. It is tempting to trash our entire collection and start fresh with natural products. While this is an ideal option, and certainly a viable one, we recommend a different approach.


While it requires patience (ugh), we suggest introducing one natural skin care product at a time. We have a few reasons for offering this advice. First, skin is finicky. If we change our entire routine and then break out/flake/rash, we won’t know the culprit. Taking a few weeks to acclimate to a new product will confirm that we are using the right product. Second, tossing half-used products is, to be frank, wasteful. Instead, try replacing your cosmetics as you run out. Product by product, you’ll begin to build a rockstar repertoire.


Consider Your Diet

Detoxing your skin shouldn’t stop at skin care. As we’re reminded time and again, our diet has a direct impact on the state of our skin. Consider making the switch to a more natural diet to boost the impact of your natural skin care choices.


Have Fun with It

Making the switch to natural skin care offers us the opportunity to discover a whole new world of beauty. There are a plethora of beauty brands that offer natural, effective, and downright fun products. As more consumers make the switch to natural ingredients, we expect to see more brands present natural options. We’re starting a movement here, people!