CBD Honey | Colorado Hemp Honey Chill Sticks (15mg CBD Each) [10 Pack]

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  • 15mg CBD per stick
  • 10 sticks per package

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Colorado CBD Hemp Honey Sticks are a delicious way to enjoy full-spectrum hemp oil. Each tube contains cannabinoids, omega 3, omega 6, terpenes, raw honey, trace vitamins, and minerals.

These CBD hemp oil sticks are perfect for traveling, hiking, camping, or a discreet addition to your lunch.


Why Choose Colorado Hemp Honey Chill Sticks?

Bee Calm. Bee Rested. Bee Happy.

In a sea of grassy-tasting CBD products, these Hemp Sticks stand out for their ease of use and delicious flavors. Each stick is packed with organic lemon, mandarin, or ginger essential oils. Paired with the sweetness of honey, you get just enough of the hemp taste to know it’s there while not being overwhelming. If essential oils aren’t your thing, the unflavored (“natural”) option is for you.

  • Created by Beekeepers using organic practices
  • 100% raw honey
  • Full-spectrum CBD hemp oil
  • Omega 3 & 6
  • Trace vitamins & minerals
  • Terpenes
  • 15mg CBD per stick (150mg CBD total per 10-pack)
  • US veteran-owned company
  • For people and/or pets

A portion of the proceeds is donated to charities that support Veterans with PTSD.

How to Use CBD Hemp Sticks

Cut or bite off the top of the CBD Sticks. Eat 1-2 sticks, as needed, with at least 30 minutes in-between. If you’re giving CBD Hemp Honey Sticks to a pet, the suggested serving size is 1/4 ~ 1 stick, twice a day depending on the pet’s weight.

Color variations are completely normal! The honey may crystallize depending on the storage environment; warm it up to turn it back into a liquid.


Ingredients (Lemon Aid): Raw Honey, Hemp Extracts, Organic Lemon EO
Ingredients (Tangarine Tranquility): Raw Honey, Hemp Extracts, Organic Tangerine EO
Ingredients (Natural): Raw Honey, Hemp Extracts
Ingredients (Ginger Snap): Raw Honey, Hemp Extracts, Organic Ginger EO




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Ginger Snap, Tangerine Tranquility, Lemon Aid, Natural