how to take hemp oil orally

How to Take Hemp Oil Orally

There are a few different ways on how to take hemp oil orally, whether it is using a tincture, edibles, or capsules. Made by Hemp offers a wide variety of these products for customers with any preference to be able to add CBD hemp oil into their diet.

What Are my Options?

Tincture & Syringe

One of the most versatile ways to incorporate CBD hemp oil into your diet is by using a pure extract or a tincture. They can be taken straight or they can be mixed into beverages to dilute the taste. Tinctures are a more liquid consistency and are usually dispensed in drops. These drops can also be flavored to make them slightly more palatable. For the pure extracts, these have a much thicker consistency and are dispensed out of an oral syringe. This thick dark paste has a very earthy taste.


Your options for edibles consist of chocolates, chews, and lozenges. This variety of options allows many people to be able to find something that will suit their taste. This type of oral supplement is particularly discreet in that they look just like candies or sore throat cough drops, so people won’t know that you are taking a dietary supplement. This allows you to take this supplement orally on the go or in the comfort of your own home.


If you are already taking other supplements orally, adding another one might be a particularly easy way of adding it into your diet. These capsule supplements are taken the same way orally as any other capsule with water. These capsules come in different milligram concentrations and are very easy to use when trying to find your perfect serving. When taking CBD hemp orally via capsule, you can be sure about exact servings due to the perfectly portioned oils and gel caps.

Want to Learn More?

If you are curious about the different ways to take hemp orally, contact Made by Hemp today. One of our enthusiastic employees will be ready to help you find the perfect CBD Hemp oil supplement for you and your lifestyle.