Types of CBD Products You Should Avoid

CBD is becoming mainstream and popular. It’s also easier to find. CBD products aren’t regulated like a medication. Instead, they’re treated as a supplement, which has much lower standards for product recalls and consumer advisories from the Food and Drug Administration. Countless companies make CBD products, and they’re not all of the same levels of potency, quality, and safety. While the manufacturers might make claims about how their products will help you, those products could actually be harmful to your health. Read on to learn about which CBD products you should avoid.


Dextromethorphan is an ingredient in some CBD products. If you see it listed on a product you’re thinking of buying, avoid that product. Dextromethorphan is a popular ingredient in cough syrup, and it’s known to be addictive. It’s also lethal in high doses. You have no way of knowing how much dextromethorphan is in the product. Dextromethorphan may also be listed as DXM on the list of ingredients in the CBD item.


5F-ADB is a harmful chemical that may be added to some CBD products. It’s similar to the synthetic illegal drug K2, which is also called “spice.” This drug is lethal at high doses. With companies having little regulation and no requirement to list how much of each ingredient is present, it’s a good idea to avoid any CBD products that list 5F-ADB in the ingredients.

Full-Spectrum CBD

The extraction methods used to extract full-spectrum CBD require the use of chemical solvents. These solvents are harmful to your health. Most of these products are made in China, where there are few to no regulations on extraction methods, solvent use, or the addition of other chemicals to CBD products. When shopping for CBD products, look for those that contain just the CBD isolate rather than the full spectrum of oils from cannabis.

Products Made in China

The lax regulation of products made in China makes any CBD product manufactured there an unsafe option for your body. It’s not always clear that a product was made in China. There should be a country of origin stamp on the product. If you don’t see one, look up the product online. The company’s website should list where it’s manufactured. If possible, only buy CBD products grown organically in the USA.

Products Not Tested by an Independent Laboratory

A responsible CBD product manufacturer will send its products to an independent, third-party laboratory for testing. The company will also post those test results on its website and link to the results on the laboratory’s website. Be sure to review those results for yourself. If a company makes claims about the purity, potency, or additives in its products but provides no independent laboratory reports, it’s a good idea to avoid those products. Since the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t routinely test CBD products, you’ll have to rely on those third-party results for safety, potency, and ingredient information.

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